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Samples of Work

More available upon request.
Game Script
Record of Caligos War

A young officer of the Fleet must apply their strategic genius to win a war against an overwhelming foe and navigate galactic politics to protect their family.

This sample includes the first 9 pages of the game script.

Dungeons & Dragons 5E Adventure Module
Devil of Deadwatch Keep

North of the Stormhorn Road in the Kingdom of Cormyr lies an aging Keep. The Princess of Cormyr camps in its shadow. A Devil of rags and smoke has captured her dear friend, and she needs your help to rescue him. But is the job as simple as it seems? There’s only one way to find out.

Full module available on Dungeon Masters Guild
Mocap Cinematic
Record of Caligos War: Betrayal at Novafax

A clever Officer of the Colonial Fleet is caught stealing resources to save lives, and to save more must trick the Colony’s elitist Governor.
Mass Effect’s Eyebrow Conspiracy

These eyebrows may look elegant, but don’t be deceived. Their very existence raises questions.

This article explores those questions, and speculates on possible answers as an exercise in narrative design and comedy writing.
Reader's Report
Coverage of "Hazy Birds" Screenplay

Coverage provided for the feature script "Hazy Birds" by Alvaro Calmet.
Zachary Pope